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Despite the people’s skepticism about intellectual pursuits, New Zealand has a fairly high participation rate in tertiary education. Whilegolf, netball, tennis and cricket are the four top participatory sports, soccer is the most popular among young men and rugby union attracts the most spectators.

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A departing French ambassador to New Zealand once commented at the end of his stay in the country that New Zealand women lacked elegance.

New Zealand : Daily life and social customs -- Britannica Online.

Expectations regarding good manners differ from person to person and vary according to each situation.

This beautiful promotional video shows some of the best sides of Us, this multicultural country.

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The hands-on pioneer Men in New Zealand are believed to be quite efficient in a practical and active kind of way.

New Zealand is a young country as compared to some like Italy, China and even in the Persian Gulf where the earliest civilizations go back several centuries.

While originally New Zealand was only Maori, later it became bicultural with colonial and rural values.

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But now, in modern society, when the customs became milder, Dating in Asia started to.

This lack of faith in intellectual theorization goes back to the country’s social policy of the early and mid twentieth century, which historian Michael Bassett described as 'socialism without doctrines'.

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