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Well, the savings can be huge for some Canadian customers, especially: Think about it.If you use your credit card while wintering in the United States, you could easily rack up ,000 – ,000 in credit card charges.

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With the World Elite card, cardholders will receive 4.00% cash back for their purchases in a foreign currency, and 1.75% cash back for any purchases made in Canadian dollars.

Furthermore, spending on Rogers-related goods and services earns an accelerated 2.00% cashback rate.

Another excellent option is The Rogers Platinum Mastercard which now gives you 3% cashback rewards on all purchases in a foreign currency and 1.25% cashback rewards on all other purchases – one of the richest flat cashback rewards rates for a no annual fee card in Canada.

Rogers Mastercard’s foreign transaction subsidy is structured differently than the Home Trust Preferred Visa Card’s fee waiver, but still offers significant value.From Bondi in Sydney’s East to Campbelltown in Sydney’s West and from Manly in the Northern Beaches to Cronulla in Sydney’s south let the Girls of Oz Babes give you a sensual taste of what Sydney really has to offer. Many Canadians are in for a nasty surprise after a trip abroad.Moreover, in a modern world with judgmental and critical eyes focused on your every move, your sexual fantasies seems a light year ahead. Be prepared for a mind blowing sensual telephone chats.Well, now you can hold a lengthy conversation with a horny Aussie whose clarity of voice is independent of your phone: i Phone, Nokia or Samsung. Foot the bill So with a few bucks you can have a soul mate conversing with you through the phone.Aside from that, using a credit card that subsidizes or waives your foreign transaction fee is actually cheaper than exchanging currencies at the bank, or at a boutique foreign exchange bureau – which routinely cost anywhere from 1%-3% to exchange your money.

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