Norway dating culture

In the next scene, she crouches with a box of “Tyrkisk pepper”, strong liquorice candy in a garden.

She first tries to attract her prey (a Norwegian man) with this candy then plays the big card, famous Norwegian confection, Kvikk Lunsj.

It is demonstrated in most people's refusal to criticize others.

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One thing that did change was the fact that everyone told me Norwegians were cold and unfriendly with strangers; I am the kind of person that talks to people in supermarkets/buses and I completely disagree with that.

This summer Terje and I went to the beach and that was pretty bizarre.

It was just really strange to see so many people desperate to go the beach.

We took a bus, then walked, then a ferry, then walked.

The video, titled “How to get a Norwegian Husband,” is completely hilarious to so many people.

The episode has already big potential to go viral among Norway enthusiasts.

The bus stops in the city were PACKED with people, umbrellas, floating devices, picnic baskets, polka dots, and all sorts of summery things.

Everywhere kids crying, people laughing, so much commotion…

I think my husband and I had a lot of trouble at the beginning of our relationship, trying to understand that we are completely different people, from completely different cultures and that we can’t change each other.

Of course there is the positive, its so much fun for us to learn about each others’ countries, languages and food. Terje is definitely the coolest guy I have ever met and life would stink without him.

In a confident tone, she chews over a thorny ambition of many women: how to get one of those handsome Norwegian husbands?

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