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And I had that image in my mind, and it was not what I had imagined our relaxing, blissful honeymoon to be like." He also pointed out that planning around the whims of Groupon's offerings could sully the whole vacation. But I didn't see a viable alternative, and frankly, I found the challenge as enticing as a dare.

"It's like we have a brunch opportunity in the way West 30s, so, great, let's build a whole day around that," he said. If we'd have to sacrifice clean logistics and a few reputable proprietors to save some cash, so be it. We decided on a bare-bones wish list — a couples massage, at least one Big Apple-specific attraction, several "good" meals, a three-night hotel stay, and a Broadway show — and after a few tentative purchases, I was committing to discounted deals with abandon.

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With our funds and patience for planning severely depleted, the thought of not going on an expensive adventure/logistical nightmare through Asia made us downright giddy. Seven months before we got married, Ronnie took a job in D. That makes it sound like he just plucked it like a delicious free sample off a Whole Foods food tray, but, I assure you, it was hardly that painless.

Besides, we happen to live in one of the world's greatest urban destinations. Five months, half a dozen interviews, several bouts of torturous silence and, finally — voila! Initially, our relief over Ronnie's job and the distraction of wedding planning masked the inconvenience of a long-distance relationship.

While I converted our 350-square-foot Long Island City apartment into a makeshift wedding-craft salon, Ronnie changed the cable and electricity bills in his D. pad to his name as his roommates unceremoniously crowned him "most responsible." By the time our wedding rolled around, Ronnie and I were not only looking forward to getting married after nine years of dating, but also spending more than a once-a-month weekend together in what had once been our city.

The one glaring problem with our slimmed-down "mini-moon" was the expense.

Why not just make like tourists for a few days in our own city, New York? Besides, his new employer had offices in New York, which instilled in us a wild (and irrational, it turns out) optimism about how temporary this separation would be.

But as weeks turned into months and full seasons passed, our separate living situations grew roots.

Our events aim to foster in person connections amoung people who may have never met otherwise.

Some of the event types we offer include bowling, pool, golf, bingo, shows, rock climbing, and more.

" And into his care we released our mismatched luggage.

The view from the Top of the Rock I never did find a tourist attraction deal.

My wardrobe consumed the vacant hangers of our once-shared closet like an invasive species.

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