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Additional clinical experience is acquired by the performance of two types of night calls.

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Obstetric dating nrp

This three-year experience allows the fellows continuity of patient care as they act as the first line for resident consultation and teaching.

MFM faculty, in accordance with ABOG, CREOG and CMS requirements, are always physically present or immediately available in these clinical settings for overall supervision and teaching of both the fellows and resident staff.

In addition, on the one day a week (Tuesday) when an OB-GYN generalist is the attending physician on Labor & Delivery, the fellowship program director attends the morning sign-out session.

The fellows' clinical rotations are timed so that third year fellows are on clinical rotations during the critical July - August period for new interns and advancing residents.

Interaction with both residents and MFM faculty takes place freely, allowing the fellow an opportunity to grow as a teacher and mentor to the resident house staff, while carefully assuring close MFM faculty supervision and availability.

The fellows play a central role in determining management decisions for all patients in whose care they are involved.

Frequent collaborative care for pregnant patients of the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center, co-located on the UMMC campus, and a state-wide referral for ultra high-risk maternal surgery associated with unavoidable high maternal mortality rates are all important features of our program, in which all of our fellows play an important clinical role.

Each fellow, under the direction of members of the Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine, is exposed to the full breadth and depth of the subspecialty and enabled to meet the relevant objectives of , ABOG 2007, Sec IX, XI, and XIV.

The faculty covering Labor & Delivery, both MFM and generalists, are physically present on Labor & Delivery or the Mother-Baby Unit, and have no other concurrent clinical or administrative responsibilities. for residents, fellows and attendings) and each evening ( p.m. All perinatal in-patient cases are presented and discussed in a round table format that involves students, residents, fellows, and faculty.

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