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Do you like me telling you about a nice big cock filling my cunt? I am certainly looking forward to getting to know Lynn a lot better." Before I answer, Lynn speaks up, "Charles said he wanted to surprise us. Now his face is visible as he takes one of her breasts in her mouth. She is a good cocksucker." Lynn is now inflamed with lust. Charles pulls down the tops of his briefs until his cock is visible. My husband told me you are hung, but he didn't say this big." Lynn immediately bends over to take his cock in her mouth.

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She gave a blow job to a new decorating client while I secretly watched. Tonight, I have arranged to share my wife with an older man. Lynn has not had any further adventures since completing the work for her single clients. Her adulterous activities and promiscuous nature continue to fuel our passion. I got to see everything and more." Linda turns to Charles. " "They're more than ready." (to be continued)************************ This is another excerpt in the continuing saga about Lynn and her cuckold husband. Like the other stories I have written, it contains, wife infidelity, cuckolding, multiple partners, and voyeurism.

When we make love, I cannot help but picture her with one of her lovers. I appreciate your comments, suggestions and encouragement.

The last time we were at the Smith's Andrew was there, they disappeared, and she gave him a blowjob.

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Perhaps that was the combination that attracted younger women, wealthy and a big cock. I have seen him more than once looking at her exposed cleavage at some of the parties we attend. ” “Well this is somewhat awkward, but does it bother you or make you jealous when Lynn flirts with other men? She pulled my hand out of her bra and said she had to find you before you became suspicious. She has never called me sick or a perv for having my fantasies." "What about other times? And I had suspicion she may have fucked somebody when I was out of town." "Was it anybody you knew? I think it may have been with one of my friend's boss. During the week before the party, I have a difficult time concentrating at work. I pull out of my reverie and go upstairs to the bedroom to get ready. Her aureoles are pronounced with nipples beginning to harden. I am overcome by lust looking at her and imagining what she will look like in just a few hours sucking and fucking Charles. You know he likes young women like you." "When we are at the Smith's do you want us to disappear? This is going to be a better party than I imagined.” On the way to the Smith's, I feel the same excitement I have had on other occasions when I have taken Lynn to meet her other lovers. My date also gets the first look and feel of my pussy." She leans up to my ear and in a throaty voice, "And the best rule is that he gets the first suck and fuck." I am too turned on to answer. I can't wait to get started." I turn to Charles, "Why don't you sit down next to Lynn. I raise my bottle and say, "Here's to a fun evening." Charles continues the toast, "And to your husband for setting this up." Lynn leans into him and clicks her wine glass to his beer, "I'll certainly drink to that." Charles leans towards me and in a lower authoritative voice so other people can't hear, he tells me, "Why don't you leave us alone so your sexy wife and I can get started? He is stockier than Charles and also looks to be in his fifties. Pulling his cock out of her mouth, he milks more cum out of his cock onto her breasts. " Don moves into sight and stands of front of my wife. He must have been playing with himself while watching Charles get his blowjob. He even gave you access." My slutty wife takes her tongue and runs all over his balls. I look around to see if she is attracting anyone else. I think she sucks as good as Elaine." My own lust builds hearing the two men discuss my wife. As they refasten their clothes, I go back upstairs.

In fact, he and I were talking the night of the party where I was watching Lynn flirt with Andrew across the room. I could not help but notice at the last party at the Smith's when we were talking and she was on the sofa with Andrew. That outfit she had on really was showing a lot of her breasts. When we were talking, I noticed you kept glancing over in her direction. I would imagine you guys had great sex both those times." "I'm turned on that you like my wife. He was married but fooled around." "Did you confront her? Friday afternoon, I am fantasizing about Lynn pleasuring a new lover when the phone rings. “I want to make sure you and your sexy wife are still going to the Smith's tomorrow. Lynn is sitting at her vanity in front of a mirror putting on her make-up. I go over to her and place my hand on her shoulder with my thumb caressing the nape of her neck. I bet you want us to go downstairs to our special place where I can suck his cock? The anticipation is higher since I was the one who set this up. But since you set this up, I will give you a little peek." She unfastens the first two buttons of her top, lifts out her right breast and uses her index finger and thumb to stiffen her nipple. I will show him this and a lot more." I lightly caress her thigh moving towards her pussy. She leans back in her seat, “I still cannot believe you actually set this up.” She places her hand on top of mine. Practice does makes perfect." We talk to a few other guests. " Lynn shifts position opening her legs and says, "That's a good idea, honey. When I look back, I am startled to see another man sitting in the chair I just vacated. She runs her lips and tongue all over his shaft, cleaning him up. Lynn takes his shaft in her hand and leans forward. " Keeping his cock in her mouth, she looks up at him and continues sucking. I think I see someone going up the stairs before me. Then I remember the Smith's are having another party next Saturday. "When we go there, Lynn and I like to disappear to a more secluded portion of the house." "What do you guys do? " " One time it was pretty deserted and she sucked me off. This has been the scene of a couple of our most sensual adventures.It was at a previous party where Lynn and I lived out one of our fantasies.I could tell he was glancing over at her the same as I was. I have to admit, I certainly admired the view.” “I trust you so I feel I can confide in you. We probably had some great sex after you stimulated her. I am looking over her shoulder at her naked, rounded breasts, “You look hot tonight. Tell me what you said.” I describe part of the conversation I had with Charles. I keep looking over at tops of her exposed breasts and the deep valley of her cleavage. “Don’t worry, I will make sure you get turned on.” We reach the Smith's and park on the street. Other guests are arriving and we follow them to the front door. "I'm so glad you guys could make it." Lynn answers in a bubbly voice, "Thank you for the invitation. And I just love your house." "Terry and I are glad to have you. I have some things that Charles will want to see." I drift away to talk to and mingle with other guest. When Lynn met Andrew at the last party I didn't know what was going on. She reaches the base and licks the remnants of his cum out of his pubic hair. She looks at his cock and tells him, "What a nice big hard cock. " He doesn't answer, but puts pressure on the back of my wife's head, sliding his cock in my sweet wife's luscious lips.

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