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If that is the case, the radiologist can verify that the tumor is to blame.

Most of the time, however, the cause of the edema is something not nearly so serious. One of the terms arising from the increased use of MRI scanning techniques is .

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It often takes an MRI examination to tell what is really going on in your bones, joints or cartilage.

An MRI exam is often used to find out the best way to treat an arthritic condition, but the procedure is also used to find out what is wrong in the first place.

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If the outside condition can be alleviated or removed, the edema can usually be successfully treated.

For example, if the edema is the result of a damaged ligament, the swelling can usually be successfully dealt with once the damage to the ligament has been repaired.

These bone bruises, or places where edema is present, are most often found in the knee joints, the hip joints, or in the pelvic bones.

The injury is usually associated with soft tissue injury rather than significant damage to the bone itself.

How can it be good news when there is something amiss in the inner structure of one of your bones, particularly if it is giving you some discomfort?

The short answer is, that sometimes when you’re bones are hurting, the underlying problem is diagnosed as cancer.

If we have ever experienced edema, it has most likely been somewhere on the skin, in the legs, or around the ankles, although we may have experienced it in other parts of our body.

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