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That way, you’ll be nice and warmed up if they do need to call you into play.

Be warned though, chances are, you’re not alone on the bench.

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You want them to be open to future flirting (or more), but you don’t want to be too vulnerable.

So you fave three of their tweets in row, you send them cute dog vids, you leave a heart-eyes emoji on their latest Instagram selfie. The bold might try sliding right into someone’s DMs.

) handcuffed to a partner; someone who will keep them warm in the cold. When you’re casually hooking up, it might be because you’ve agreed you’re DTF (down to f*ck).

Eventually, there may come a time when you ask ‘are we dating?

Instead, the guilty party drops these flirty crumbs as a way of keeping someone interested without the trouble of actually dating them.

For many breadcrumbers, it’s all about ego stroking: the more people picking up their trail, the better they feel. If someone’s benching you, it means that they don’t want a committed relationship with you – at least not right now. Instead, they’ve stuck you on the bench, throwing you breadcrumbs to keep you interested.One of the biggest dating terms for 2017, cushioning takes benching and somehow makes it worse.That’s because cushioning (or ‘layby’) is benching done by those in serious relationships.Like tuning, breadcrumbing involves sending occasional smilies and likes.However, the end game of breadcrumbing isn’t a relationship.As dating terms go, this is a very loaded piece of slang – so probs one best avoided.

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