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Kino, who has been called "the cowboy missionary," had fought against the exploitation of Indians in Mexican silver mines.

1717 - Chen Mao writes to the Chinese Emperor about his concerns over Catholic missionaries and Western traders.

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For his military services there he will be given an encomienda, an estate that included the services of the Indians living on it.

1535 - German Franciscan missionary Maximilian Uhland (also called Bernardino de San Jose) speaks before the Sacred Congregation of the Propagation of the Faith about the wretched condition of Indians in the New World 1549 - Dominican Luis Cancer, who had worked among the Mayans of Guatemala and Mexico, lands at Tampa Bay, Florida with two companions.

All the rest are little children." 1669 - Eager to compete with the Jesuits for conversion of the Indian Nations on the western Great Lakes, Sulpilcian missionaries Dollier de Casson and Galinee set out from Montreal with twenty-seven men in seven canoes led by two canoes of Seneca Indians 1672 - A chieftain on Guam kills Jesuit missionary Diego Luis de San Vitores and his Visayan assistant, Pedro Calungsod, for having baptized the chief's daughter without his permission (some accounts do say the girl's mother consented to the baptism) 1676 - Kateri Tekakwitha, who became known as the Lily of the Mohawks, is baptized by a Jesuit missionary.

Her tribes-people will jeer and stone her for her new faith, and she will eventually go to a missionary settlement in Canada 1681 - After arriving in New Spain, Italian Jesuit Eusebio Kino soon becomes what one writer described as "the most picturesque missionary pioneer of all North America." A bundle of evangelistic zeal, Kino was also an explorer, astronomer, cartographer, mission builder, ranchman, cattle king, and defender of the frontier 1697 - To evangelize the English colonies, Thomas Bray, an Anglican preacher who made several missionary trips to North America, begins laying the groundwork for what will be the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts 1700 - After a Swedish missionary's sermon to an Indian tribe in Pennsylvania, one Native American posed such searching questions that the episode was reported in a history of the Swedish church in America printed in 1731. It is better to make them all into cyder." 1707 - Maillard de Tournon makes public, in Nanjing, the Vatican decisions on rites, including the stipulations against the veneration of ancestors and of Confucius.

This Bible was the first complete Bible to be printed in the New World 1666 - John Eliot publishes his The Indian Grammar, a book written to assist in conversion work among the Indians.

Described as "some bones and ribs preparation for such a work," Eliot intended his Grammar for missionaries wishing to learn the dialect spoken by the Massachusett Indians.350 - Two young Christians, shipwrecked in the Red Sea, are taken as slaves to Ethiopia to serve in the royal court.Given freedom to preach the gospel, their witness gives birth to the Coptic Church.Though most of them will be killed along the way, a few will manage to arrive two years later on the Atlantic coast.1636 - The Dominicans of Manila (the Philippines) organize a missionary expedition to Japan.1668 - In a letter from his post in Canada, French missionary Jacques Bruyas laments his ignorance of the Oneida language: "What can a man do who does not understand their language, and who is not understood when he speaks.

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