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We soon arranged everything neatly and then Shipra said that she wants to sleep.I also went and quickly changed into my old pink cotton nigh tie with prints of flowers on it.Because of my love for nature, oddities and things that creep me out mostly everything that I make is made from things I find in the woods I have a tendency to join websites and then forget about them (I have ADD badly; easily distracted), so I’m sure that I can be found other places too but the ones I’ve listed are the ones I pay attention to! Intellect, I will fuck someone I find attractive but then I’m ghost; unless I can have a conversation with them, then I’m theirs.

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I’m a huge fan of musicals and when I feel down I watch Legally Blonde the musical on Broadway or if I don’t respond to a message right away; I may just be having a “moment”!

I love and appreciate everyone who supports me, I live for them.

I can’t commit to one, I’m a huge fan of anything written or directed by John Waters; the man is a genius.

I love the movie “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” I think the concept is beautiful.

O my god, rinku what r u doing…….please stop it” he put his thumbs at the side of my old white cotton panty which was so wet now and pulled it down my knees in no time .

With these melons hanging down, how can you expect me to stop?

Personality, morals, beliefs because it doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside, looks fade eventually.

I’m more attracted to the heart and mind of someone. I like to be dominated, I usually only submit to men that I would date. I like to be choked, love attention and love to please.

If you try to go beyond then the show is over” I felt a little kinky like a slut about to show off her body.“o mommy, let me remove your clothes” he quickly put his hands under the hem of my gown and pulled it over my head.

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