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The main thing was the ubiquity of it and how it suddenly expanded the mating pool.Q: You suggest that online dating has made relationships more disposable. A: An element of commitment is based on the availability of alternatives.

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Misunderstandings, miscommunications and assumptions result, which have an impact on how we view others.

Online Contact Falls Short on Empathy: As a corollary to the context issue, there’s an utter lack of empathy when using technology to interact with others.

He’s convinced his ex-wife’s behavior would have manifested at some point, but technology drove the two of them apart faster.

Stan’s new relationship started through an online dating site, but he quickly moved it into the real world.

She assured him theguy was just a friend, but Stan soon saw the person’s name all over his wife’s news feed and posts.

Not long after, she traveled to meet the man – staying at his place.

Q: What is it about online dating today that you believe has made such a big difference? Everyone has access to so many more people than they were accustomed to in the past.

I started to wonder how that might affect how people approach their relationship lives.

It’s great that we have the technology to connect with people across the globe instantly, but there’s also a sense of disconnection. Conversations Lack Context: One poster stated a point that almost all of us have felt at one time or another.

If there’s an internet-capable device with a screen anywhere nearby, the immediate world doesn’t get our full attention. “My biggest issue with technology and relationships is the inability to detect tone.

It got me thinking about the long term impact of technology on personal interactions, so I requested some input from my Facebook followers. You can never really know when someone is being sarcastic, funny, not funny, serious or joking sometimes.”I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wondered what someone meant by their words – whether on social media, in a text or over email.

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