Online dating industry worth adult dating in dodge wisconsin

They had met for dinner and drinks, but when Peter Ramsey, 26, attempted to kiss the legal secretary at her front door, she pulled back.Then Ramsey, whom she described as seeming like “a nice guy”, suddenly pinned her to a wall and viciously attacked her.

“I met a woman through a married dating site,” admits an acquaintance, who also had a partner at the time.

“I knew she had kids, I just didn’t expect her to bring the youngest along.

“I used to work as a relationship psychologist at a top dating site, but I left because I couldn’t bear to witness the pain and the heartbreak among the women,” says Harley Street psychologist Massimo Stocchi, who also works at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital.

“At a basic level we all want to find that special someone, but whether online or off, men and women speak different languages.

It would be funny if it weren’t for the fact each unseen man is someone’s husband – not mine, I hasten to add, although I can’t help thinking of The Pina Colada Song, Rupert Holmes’s 1979 anthem to extra-marital affairs and wondering if Hippogriffin or Big Gym is actually my own spouse, querulously complaining that: “I love my wife dearly but the spark has died.” I have logged on in the cause of journalistic research (which, I will concede, can be used to legitimise virtually every activity, bar phone hacking). A surge in female users aged between 35 and 50 has led to a boom in online dating for so-called “marrieds” in this country.

Last year, out of curiosity, I even went so far as to meet a would-be internet “amour” face to face (more of which later) and, yes, I did tell my long-suffering husband. More than a million Britons subscribe to these sites; uk has 600,000 members, with women logging on three times more than men.Checking out other people via a webcam is also becoming more widespread and GPS technology can alert you to suitable mates nearby.There is, it appears, no end to how the search for love, sex or just an internet dalliance can be outsourced.Given that internet dating has evolved from the Last Chance Saloon for the asocial to a Happy Valley of cash-rich, time-poor professional singletons, perhaps it’s inevitable that even cheating has gone digital.The bottom line seems to be that whatever your morality or religion, profession or hobby, there is a dating website out there for you.It was insane; we ended up eating ice lollies on a park bench.” Not that it stopped him logging on again, but it did make him wary.

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