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The company evasively talks about the ratio of "a third of women and two-thirds of men", but the real gap may be even greater, up to 80% of men and 20% of women.

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Online dating present day

It was this man who stood behind the legendary "Mamba", with which the booming of denying services began in Russia.

Even if you were not familiar with this name, you probably used the sites that used the Mamba database – this is Love Planet, and dating from Rambler and, and several other sites.

Visually, it looks like a new Badoo and even more like Tinder – you press the likes of the people you like, and if they back you up, you can start a dialogue.

This is for those who for some reason do not know what Tinder is.

The Internet changes constantly, every day, but the scale of changes becomes noticeable only with time. Search in Google for a long time you can directly from the address bar, to call a taxi you do not need to raise your hand at the edge of the sidewalk, and dating sites have ceased to be sites with long questionnaires and turned into mobile applications with the simplest mechanics.

We rarely touch such sensitive issues on 3DNews, but now we have a serious reason.

I just did not realize how dangerous the work of a modest IT journalist could be.

Some resourceful Ukrainian youth saved a photo I used to show the possibilities of a self-camera in the review of a phone and set it on my profile.

But soon everything cleared up: Badoo launched the function of finding people from photos.

You upload a picture, Gina Lollobrigida, Dizzy Gillespie or Danila Kozlovsky – and get a selection of similar people from different cities and countries.

Secondly, Badoo in many ways fulfills the function of a social network and messenger.

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