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We went through the stages of trying to find something to sing through.

The first gig I ever did, we opened up with 'Neon Nights' and I could not fucking sing that song to save my life. I came home with a cassette playing it for my mom, I was so proud. While the two are initially at odds due to the era's punk/metal feud, they will eventually become one of extreme music's most dominant allegiances, forming hardcore outfit Arson Anthem and bringing Williams' long-standing extreme metal band Eyehategod and side-project Outlaw Order to Anselmo's independent label Housecore Records some two decades later. We grew up in the same city going to the same shows but I was a metal kid and he was a punk kid. It was a social statement, a trendy-ish feud but you come to find out years later that we were both listening to the same stuff and just wearing different clothes.

We laugh at it now but at the time, it was tough to struggle through.

Discussing those monumental aspects that have created his legacy, Anselmo pares his core down to the three key sentiments: honesty, sincerity and always putting the next foot forward.

"I'm one massive fuck-up of an animal," he chuckles in his inimitably casual baritone rumble.

Me and Mike Williams had more than one 'Fuck you, asshole' thrown at each other.

"For all his lack of parenting, crazy ways and and what-not, he lived that punk thing up," Anselmo smiles."I was always the youngest guy in the band and we'd hooked up with some musicians who'd been playing in the local club circuit so that's how I got introduced to playing shows.I had to get snuck in but by the end of the night, I'd be the drunkest guy up on shoulders screaming and getting in fights. I cut my chops early getting thrown in front of the supposed grownup audiences of clubs across Louisiana and Texas. It paid off eventually though, all that goddamn club gigging." Looking back on the band in 2010 however, Anselmo admits that while it was crucial in shaping his career, stage presence and undeniable abilities as songwriter, guitarist and vocalist, Razor White was less than stellar."I can't say Razor White was awful but it was, too," he chuckles."The mentality of clubs back then catered to popular bands of the day, which were glammier.These limited means later prove advantageous, as they prod Anselmo to push himself, forming a solid musical foundation.

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