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Open relationships, just like any other relationship, may or may not work.These types of relationships may work if partners have no interest in monogamy, assuming that both partners are honest and have the consent of everyone involved in the relationships.Although people often equate an open relationship with these other types of relationships, there are distinct differences between them.

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After Ilana's "sex friend" Lincoln hooked up with someone else in season three, she literally celebrated by jumping onto the roof of his car and yelling, "That. Even though they both fall under the umbrella of consensual non-monogamy, polyamory and open relationships are two very different things.

" That moment sparked essays about how Sure, Ilana and Lincoln had a successful open relationship — at least until Lincoln revealed that he wanted to be monogamous and was keeping that a secret from Ilana.

In an open relationship, both partners are free to engage in sexual relationships with other people while still remaining in a relationship with each other.

Beyond this, there isn't really a single definition for what an open relationship is, as partners who consent to this arrangement determine the parameters that apply within their relationship.

Meanwhile, the word "polyamory" literally means "many loves" and that's a good working definition.

Instead of just looking for sex outside of their primary partnership, poly people are often looking for love.An open relationship is an agreement between two people who want to be together but decide that they want to date and/or have physical relationships with other people too.Some people view an open relationship as a negative thing, while others see this type of relationship as a positive factor that can lead to more freedom or self-expression while in a relationship.They're not looking for another person to love or build a second relationship with, and they likely wouldn't introduce the people they have sex with to their primary partner."Open relationships are more likely to have a 'don't ask, don't tell' rule," Dr. That means not talking details about the sex they have outside of their primary partnership, other than to make sure everyone is in good sexual health.That closeness creates a different dynamic in their relationships than someone in an open relationship would have.

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