comment updating ago matthew day - Parser doesnt support setschema not validating

(Ilia, sjoerd at php dot net) - Fixed bug #49847 (exec() fails to return data inside 2nd parameter, given output lines 4095 bytes).

parser doesnt support setschema not validating-12

(Johannes) - Fixed bug #49921 (Curl post upload functions changed).

(Ilia) - Fixed bug #49855 (import_request_variables() always returns NULL).

PHP NEWS ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| , PHP 5.2.12 - Added LIBXML_PARSEHUGE constant to overrides the maximum text size of a single text node when using libxml2.7.3 .

(Kalle) - Added protection for $_SESSION from interrupt corruption and improved "session.save_path" check.

(Jani) - Fixed bug #49985 (pdo_pgsql prepare() re-use previous aborted transaction).

(ben dot pineau at gmail dot com, Ilia, Matteo) - Fixed bug #49972 (Append Iterator undefined function crash).

(Pierrick) - Fixed bug #50209 (Compiling with libedit cannot find readline.h).

(tcallawa at redhat dot com) - Fixed bug #50207 (segmentation fault when concatenating very large strings on 64bit linux).

(Jani) - Fixed bug #50255 (isset() and empty() silently casts array to object).

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