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These four tribes were named after islands located in the Cook Islands, the four tribes evenly divided into two new mixed tribes after the second tribal council, taking the Aitutaki and Rarotonga names.

A mutiny offer was made to all remaining players during this season before the merge, where two players from the same tribe accepted the mutiny offer, after the nine remaining contestants merged, they decided to name themselves Aitutonga.

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Survivor: Cook Islands is the thirteenth season of the American CBS competitive reality television series Survivor.

The season was filmed from June 26, 2006 through August 3, 2006 and premiered on September 14, 2006.

Ozzy Lusth, Jonathan Penner, and Parvati Shallow were selected to compete again in Survivor: Micronesia.

Shallow would again return for Survivor: Heroes vs. Lusth would also return for a third time in Survivor: South Pacific, and again for a fourth time in Survivor: Game Changers.

At Aitutaki, Billy haplessly created shelter, but Ozzy's survival skills duped him; in Rarotonga, Jonathan's stolen chicken escaped when Jessica accidentally freed it, angering Jonathan.

At Manihiki, the women complained as their leader Sekou took a lot of breaks. All tribes, except for Manihiki, won flint and immunity; in addition, Puka Puka, who came in first, received the fire-making kit.

P., and Nate) but to no avail as Rarotonga tackled them, securing Immunity for their team.

Rarotonga banished Candice to Exile Island, thus throwing the Becky-Candice-Jonathan-Yul alliance plans into disarray as she will be immune from the vote and will not need to go to Tribal Council. At the modified weight-holding Reward Challenge, the tribes began trash-talking each other; but Rarotonga's Nate and Adam came in victorious.

However, this served to only increase the determination of the Aitutaki tribe; between strong teamwork, Yul's intelligence, and Ozzy's swimming skills, Aitutaki defeated Rarotonga at every subsequent challenge, leaving Rarotonga with only five members at the merge.

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