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I don’t feel a magical sense of being “completed.” I know that long-term relationships don’t run on heady infatuation, and I do care deeply about him.

If I end this relationship, I also fear ending up in another intoxicating but destructive relationship like I was in before.

This camp emphasizes partnering with someone who is supportive, loyal, and respectful.

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We started dating even though I didn’t feel much “spark.” My boyfriend is handsome, smart, generous, emotionally available, and works an excellent job. By most standards I’ve hit the jackpot, yet I feel unsure.

I hear my friends talk about their partners with giddy joy; I don’t think I feel that way about my boyfriend.

Some of you are sighing because now you know that your perfect partner is out there somewhere and maybe now you’ll never meet.

Some of you think I owed it at least a listen or are pissed that I didn’t recycle.

I understand that, ideally, a relationship succeeds in both areas – being crazy about someone and also sharing a mutually supportive partnership – but I have yet to find that magic combination.

In my early 20s, I was in a relationship where I was madly in love with someone who was not a good partner to me.

The list: There are more, of course, depending on where and when and how you grew up and what stories the people around you told or lived about love.

True/false/neither/both, the ideas about relationships on this list drive people’s fears and choices.

I feel like all relationship advice falls into two camps.

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