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This East Coast Cavalier Breeders site is part of Cavaliers of the Northeast (CNE), a regional Club of CKCSC, USA, Inc. Not just ANY breeder can list their puppies on this Cavalier Club sponsored puppy and adult referral website.Only REPUTABLE breeders, living in the above mentioned States and who are members in good standing of the Cavalier Clubs (CKCSC & CNE), are allowed to list their carefully bred puppies.I am sad we never found out what happened to our former regulars like steps and others.

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Buyers are urged to read the contents of this website and make an educated decision as to which breeder and puppy to choose.

Join IU5 Staff at the Erie County Technical School July 9th – 13th, 2018 for Constr X Summer Camp for students ages 9 .

No puppy is shipped in from other countries, from other regions of the USA or from puppy mills --breed to the breed standard (right size and weight) so that your Cavalier will grow up to look like a Cavalier, not like a Springer Spaniel or other breed You would be wise to go for the best - dogs are not objects that can be easily discarded and replaced especially as you and your family become emotionally attached.

Dogs should be considered an important member of your family and as such you need to buy the best you can find.

But the Thai Cave Rescue that saved the lives of 12 young boys and their coach is nothing short of a remarkable story.

is sometimes the most unexpected incidents that teach us life-enduring lessons.

I think when the board went to having the requirement to sign up, it lost many participants and the zip I don't think our group has been really serving it's purpose for quite a long time now.

I think when the board went to having the requirement to sign up, it lost many participants and the zip it had previously. I wanted to say goodbye to our roll call folks, especially Elaine and Bev who despite their busy lives have continued to post!

Then spend a little time visiting breeders, and their dogs, to observe the temperaments of the dogs and how they are cared for.

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