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When things get really hot, he might start talking in his own language, since he becomes all emotional, no idea if he is talking dirty, sweet or just jibberish!The sweet talk is definitely something that comes with the culture as is the eagerness to please.

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Since I do not sleep around a lot here in the Philippines, I might be in for surprises in the future.

I did surprise my first lover when he told me I was his first white woman, that he was my first Filipino.

Now I do like to keep some parts of my life private.

So this article is written in a general way: no names, no references and no specific guys mentioned in specific situations. But one day his eye catches this different one: color, shape, everything is different about this special shell.My making out and having seks here has been more about me than my partner. But again, so many man, so many habits, preferences and differences.I sometimes have to push myself to step out of the enjoyment and get a little active in bed myself on his behalf, since they do not seem to have any needs or express them. I also met a guy once that was so afraid of touching a woman that sex was more about him than about me.Not sure if there are many cultural differences between the sheets.I find it pretty cute that my lover wipes everything clean after sex, he asked for a towel and wiped both mine and his private parts.And as much conservatisme is shown in the streets, that is all forgotten once you are together in private.

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