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Make sure you move for you and the right reasons, not someone! I think if you really wanna be happy, find yourself first then figure out where you want to live!

One last thing, there are liars everywhere, so be careful! Good Luck Well, I have not looked at this in a while..I guess I am really responding to everyone...

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Hi Temptress, Firstly if you want to correct the spelling on your username you can do it by clicking the links MAIL/PROFILE then EDIT PROFILE then edit more details... After you click the link HERE it will show you your user name.

So I felt I needed to take the job and I thought he'd come with me! So make sure you're where you want to be...happy with yourself!

Then, you find some flaw, such as bad manners, or they lie or cheat. Kind of like hitting the bars, single clubs and online sites, right? You dress attractively and present yourself attractively.

Your entire aim is to get a “nibble of interest.” If you don’t, then you simply move on to where the fishing is better. Maybe one bar is known to be stocked with better fish.

When you officially become a couple, you have caught your fish. ” If you haven’t found the perfect person to date, don’t worry.

There really are ” plenty more fish in the sea.” The phrase has been used since ancient times because it is true.

Barracudas look like other fish and they do not launch an immediate attack.

There are many people out there who look perfectly normal until you actually get to know them. Reeling in a Date is Compared to Reeling in a Fish If you go fishing you need to know the proper pole to use, the proper line strength and the proper bait.

I have about 5 places I would like to live, if I move it will be a place that I like..or with out someone "special".

I figured if I happened to meet someone that is already there, then so be it... I think it all has to do with taking the time to learn about the person; his good sides and his bads, as we all have our faults.

You should put that scam artist on that site dontdatehimgirlfriend.

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