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It’s easy to conduct market research online using market research surveys.

They’re an affordable and reliable way to gather information from your target markets.

Secondary market research- Gathering data that’s already been produced.

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Research and analyze a target market Your marketing budget is probably one of your business’s largest expenses.

Before you earmark funds for any marketing plans or initiatives, you need to be confident that the strategies you’re considering will drive your success.

You’ll get access to millions of respondents who are ready to provide the answers you need.

By sending a survey to members of your target market (or markets), you can make sure your efforts will be as effective and reliable as possible.

Measure brand awareness Your company or product might mean the world to you, but it’s hard to know what your target market thinks of it.

A brand awareness survey can help you get an idea of exactly what your customers and prospects think about your company, image, products, etc.

Pursuing market research is ultimately well worth the effort. Because guesswork and gut instincts don’t cut it when it comes to launching successful products and crafting the right marketing messages. According to Clay Christensen’s book, “Milkshake Marketing”, 19 out of every 20 new products that launch, fail.

To position yourself to keep existing customers, or gain new business, you’ll need the right data to back you up.

To help you get started, check out our New Product Research Template. You can also find a variety of product testing questionnaire templates on this page.

When testing or researching your product, ask your target market the following questions: When researching your product… Know where you stand compared to your competitors Want to know who you should keep an eye on in the market?

Ask respondents how they feel about you compared to your competitors, and why they are more (or less) interested in your products and services.

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