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These women grew up in isolated communities, dressed like pioneers and brainwashed to marry much older men who had many other wives.

They were reared to be baby factories and virtual slaves in a culture of fear, oppression, and poverty that we usually associate with the likes of the Taliban.

When she wouldn’t submit, Mary’s husband took her to the cult’s “prophet,” Rulon Jeffs, for advice.

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Finally she said, “You let me out of this car or I’m going to jump!

” She got out of the car with only a $20 bill she’d hidden in her shoes and went on to make a better life for her and her children. She was raised in a polygamous family with two mothers and 27 siblings, all members of the FLDS.

At the age of 30, she pleaded with him for a house of her own, believing that she could not survive anymore without one.

He declined and she tried to walk out, determined to get a house of her own for her and her children. He kept Mary locked in a room for a day and tried to get her to submit to “blood atonement,” the FLDS practice where her throat would be slit and she would be disemboweled to atone for her sins.

Everyone in the colony was polygamist and lived in desperate poverty.

So Susan was brainwashed to think it was normal when, at 15 years old, she became Verlon Lebaron’s sixth wife.

Pennie “accomplished the impossible” and made a clean getaway before being impregnated by the FLDS polygamous community in Short Creek, now known as Colorado City, Arizona.

She was a beautiful girl, and when she was 14 she was assigned to marry a 58-year-old man with five other wives and somewhere around 70 children.

She eventually became a mother, though, and turned her life around for her daughter’s sake.

Flora is now an outspoken critic of polygamy and runs an “underground railroad” which has helped over 84 women escape polygamy with more support than she ever had.

Susan was born in 1953, the seventh child in a large Mormon family in southern Utah.

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