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Omni Bridgeway is unique in its discrete and content-driven approach, built on its many years of experience as pioneer in providing these services in continental Europe.

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Most lawyer relationships tend to develop into longer term relationships with Omni Bridgeway, either as a result of Omni Bridgeway bringing new funded matters to that lawyer or that lawyer requesting funding for new cases.

We do not act as legal counsel for our clients and do not compete with lawyers and law firms.

Omni Bridgeway’s services for lawyers and law firms are usually focused on providing litigation, arbitration and enforcement funding for their individual client cases, while typically the full case management and client contact remains with the lawyers, as well as on providing working capital for larger litigation portfolios.

Omni Bridgeway has extensive experience in working with banks and other financial institutions on all continents on their non-performing loans and portfolios.

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I was wondering whether it was possible to make two strangers fall in love with each other and what it requires.Our services may be focused on a single claim, but may also extend to the funding and management of larger portfolios and the full purchase of subrogation rights.Several members of the Omni Bridgeway team are former insolvency practitioners.7 that being single does not make you insignificant.On the contrary, it is a good state to be in, a gift from God, and in some cases a calling and assignment from the Lord (v. While the married person is “anxious about worldly things,” the single person is free to be “anxious about the things of the Lord” (v. How fulfilling to know that the single person is complete in Christ, lacking no good thing, and is able to have undivided devotion to the Lord.We provide funding and services to insolvency practitioners in many jurisdictions and understand their specific requirements and constraints.

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