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Using ordinary household items, Mac can solve just about any crisis.

But when his best gal Friday and his ex-girlfriend are kidnapped by a nefarious criminal, he’s going to have to use a whole new set of tools, including a rubber fist dildo, a condom, and a potato-chip can to save the day this time.

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Couples just need a few moments of tender connection a day (and a few pointers from Canada’s leading sexpert), and soon they’re looking for ways to devote even more time to amazingly hot sex.

Josey Vogels has created a fun and approachable guide for couples that is packed with tips, tricks, and time-guided ideas to try.

Video games are without question one of the hardest and biggest obstacles to overcome when you first get involved in a journey of self-improvement.

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Following the professional and personal life of Lacey Summers and her friends.

Lacey’s “open” relationship with photographer boyfriend Jason parallels her openness in showing her edgy lingerie creations to potential rivals.

In an effort to be noticed, she draws some serious attention and life complications.

Fireman Rick (played by the gorgeous bodybuilder and underwear model Chris Smits) defo takes advantage of the open personal relationship she has with Jason; likewise a fashion competitor takes to Lacey’s designs, repurposing them as his own.

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