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This innovation was created by taking the best bits of a native app and web app, in essence creating the best of both worlds.For a PWA to work there a two elements which are needed, The Service Worker and The Web App Manifest.

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In most e-commerce use cases, it replaces your old and expensive native apps completely.

It stands for everything an open web is and what it will be in the future.

Their dedication to enhance the mobile e-commerce with PWA approach started with a blog post last year and continues in 2018 by calling e-commerce leaders to recognise this positive shift.

In this article, I’m explaining what it means for your business and why you should care.

Estimated Reading Time 4 minutes A progressive web application (PWA) is a hybrid internet revolution.

This new web technology enhances UX giving the user more opportunity.

It was hard for them to make their users download the app and re-engage them.

With a native app you are limited to two options: Compared to a website, native app SEO is not only cumbersome to achieve it is an additional expense that doesn’t come close.

Peanut= The core Web HTML page content Chocolate= The Web App Manifest applying the JSON script Hard Candy Shell= Javascript which redirects the web page from retrieving the page from the server to the Service Worker There are many reasons why you should think about using Progressive Web Apps.

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