Rain dating jeon ji hyun

I watched Boy from Wonderland and now watching Her Lovely Heels. They just got the hang of being with each other when their marriage ended. I watched oh my lady but didn't notice him there :((((( I shoud have noticed him earlier :"""" he acted so wellll in Enemies In-Law, and that's before he acted in Scarlet Heart, how could I just discover him now? Starting from bottom, I'm sure you're not far from your biggest success ahead! Much love @im scare That's because he's a really talented actor. He's a really nice person and really really really handsome, too. Seeing him on the reality show made me have a huge crush on him.

Even his character as Wang Yo in Scarlet Heart is really despicable, I already thought, "Oh, I think he is cute." My sister even laughed at my me saying, "Your type is weird, you know." But well, when I watched King in Love, he proved me right. For me he is a perfect dream guy, aside from being a shy guy,he is a good model, a great actor..his fetish for cars makes him a lot hotter..projects for Hong Jong Hyun please..let Yura join him... At that time, I do not like him because of his character (What an amazing villain! However, after watching King in Love I am sooooooooo fond of him (That is the first time I got second lead syndrome because of him). The ending of their WGM series is a bittersweet moment. I've saw you in supporting role, villain and second leading man (not to mention your acting as a husband in WGM) and you rock them all. He's really beautiful in the This-Man-is-Art kind of way ;) I'm gonna watch all his movies now:) RIP social life... I dont know why he settles for second lead in dramas most time.

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We can not deny he has a really gorgeous looks and sexy deep voice but he needs some improvement for his acting skills.

: DD Omo O.o He's so handsome, when I viewed this my expression was like " Ohhhwahh, and I was like oh he appeared at white christmas that's why he's familiar and oh he's still young? ~ I love WILD ROMANCE He is now acting in an episode in Wild Romance he appeared in ep 6 of it but he isnt acting as lead or anything else if you like to see him check him in this ep and you may like the lead actor too.

The apartment complex, called i Park Apartments, is the most expensive in Korea and is inaccessible to visitors, but the apartment security has confirmed that Rain has obtained an access card and has been able to enter the complex for months.

Sources confirm that the night before Rain attended the MTV Movie Awards, where he won the award for the Biggest Badass Star, he stayed at i Park Apartments.

soompi via Naver, Sports Seoul Additionally, keen-eyed observers have noted that Rain and Jeon Ji Hyun have been sporting matching "couple's jewelry" from Cartier (which comes in a set as a man's ring and a woman's bracelet).

A few days ago, it was reported that Jeon Ji Hyun had turned down the opportunity to star in the upcoming drama "Runaway" with Rain.

Both Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Tae Hee are making the most of their pregnancy radiance in even more glowing skin and lustrous hair, and this week both have new beauty CFs out that keep with the envy inducing gorgeousness.

Having a baby shouldn’t incapacitate a woman but it certainly adds to the workload, and for an actress the potential for weight gain and sleepless nights doesn’t help in keeping a top image.

Every word every expressions when you smile or when your eyes full of tears..... In The King in love ammazingly he can alter to a sweet loving n a true gentleman. And they also starred in a drama known as vampire idol.. When I first saw your photo I said to my sell W\HOA..

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