Ranbir sonam dating

In fact soon after the party, Alia had also shared a picture of them on her official Instagram, thereby giving a little more fodder to the rumour mills.

Recently, when the But the media made sure Alia couldn't dodge the question.

co-stars dating for real has been in the air for a few days now.

Alia dismissed the same saying, Ranbir wouldn’t pay much heed to these rumours and there was no need to clarify or deny anything (hmm...).

But besides her stellar performances in films, it's her live life that has everyone talking, especially her relationship with Ranbir Kapoor.

Alia Bhatt has already earned the coveted title of ‘Superstar’ already at a tender age of 25.

Look, look, Alia even posted a picture of them together on her Instagram story this morning (with a happy bird GIF, hehe).

People are speculating if this is all for their upcoming movie, but whatever the case may be, we are enjoying this drama a lot.

Lately, there is a strong buzz about a romance brewing between the 'Brahmastra' actors.

To add to it, Alia in one of her recent interviews refused to confirm or deny these reports.

I, for one, always wonder how celebrities make it through events and parties with their ex and current partner both present in the same room.

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