Teen and chatting with adult - Rasta dating

In our country there aren't many foreign immigrants, but still my most of my countrymen and women are racist and xenophobic.

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Ultimately I believe its a joint effort, a human effort - in order for momentum to build EDUCATION will have to take place among both whites and blacks.

When it comes to the uplifting of the black race even black americans are hard of hearing.

And we where the last country in Europe to be baptized.

After that many things occured suck as bondage for the poor people until 19th century , the occupations from our neighbors Russia in particularly , USSR regime , the deportation of about 30% of the population during Stalins regime in 19-1953.

At least thats what happened to me as I learned of Eurowicked ways...2.

Stop the one love bullshit and continue to live happily in babylon , witch they were doin and live the wicked ways.As for the whole white rasta thing I can see how white thinks, I read one of Rootsies articles how she broght her white privilege in to Rasta with her at first. And when on who is white and claiming to be Ras sobers up and sees the truth theirs 2 ways for em:1.To be a more passionate about Rasta livity and taking down Babylon.And RACISM is keeping the original man and woman from his/her history.Since I'm white eastern european and consider In I not rasta but tryin to live rasta livity, not because In I like ganja or reggae (In I like both those things ,both a them contributed to my acquaintance of Ras way of life) , but because it's the true livity ,the only way ,as In I see it.We had our "altar of sacrifice" (once again it's direct translation). It was a burning fire witch was guarded by the holy men.

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