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These races were like the modern blue ribbon event open to the world while they were also stakes inevery sense or. and although he was knocked' out by Jack Johnson. Through the measures adopted imports and exports of hides and skins. that jthe first colt stakes for trotters were given by The Spirit of the Times and t J Turf Field and Farm. concerned and not only see what was done but also learn. half brother of Dexter and Dictator and whose sister Uyaclnthe appears in the pedigree of The Harvest- er as well as the two Hartford youngsters. the brother of Thomas Jefferson that after being taken to California sired the dam of Di rectly. In 1907 he knocked out George Gardiner Bill Squires and Dave Barry. under federal control and the hide and skin trade is being organized to assist the government in every possible way. Bithday of Jim Flynn And Soldier Kearns the White Hopes Today Jim Flynn and Soldier Keirni were both born on December U in Brooklyn. where demands are closely confined to actual requirements sellers arc more disposed to make concessions. Overshadowing all other features in iron and steel has been the continued hampering of operations through in adequate supplies of fuel and considerable machinery and labor have on oc caslons been idle. You ar required to be at the March Tests of said' court held on the tint Monday.

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December 23 Spe cial Charged with a conspiracy to violate section six of the selective draft service act. The punishment for the offense charged against Toney and Webb that of conspiracy to make fraudulent representation of is is one year in a federal prison followed by army service The arrest of Toney and Webb fol lowed an investigation conducted b the government for the past two weeks. represented by salary from the Cincinnati club in an affidavit v. moat Interests than the problem of effecting deliveries on previous contracts and. Count six ordinary words to each lln Discontinuance of advertising must b In writing. This protects your interest- as well as our The Constitution will not b responsible for more thafi on Incorrect Insertion of ny advertisement ordered for more than OB Urn If you cant bring , send your A wt Ad phone Stab 8000 . Courteous operators thoroughly' familiar with rate rules sad classifications will gtv you complete Information. they will assist you la wording your want ad to ms It most effective. often they an stolen with n naao of rec v ryr but when picked np by honest persona they will get back to th owaer If itsdver- Ud la thto column.

tax assessor for Davidson county were placed under arrest this morning on a warrant Issued by United States District Attorney Lee Douglas. waived ex animation and were bound over to the March. session of the federal -district court by United States Commit- atoner Harry Luck. The Reds' pitcher refused to make any statement concerning his arrest although ebb a government representative of local exemption board No. that he Was Innocent of the charges and would easily prove his claim when the case came up for trial. At that time the Red pitcher gave his income as 5000 annually. recognized but they are steadily depleting- the supplies of materials and products available for ordinary uses and the tendency toward economy among the-people alto operates to make strictly civilian trans. Yet the question of new demands remains of less importance to. GRAHAM AVBTER8 Attorney COST OF LOCAL WANT ADS IN THE CONSTITUTION OB tin 10e- Ua Three times Sc lln Sites times 7 a use Thirty times 60 a lln Nlaety time Be Ito Above rats for eoncsduttvs Insertions cnly M sdvertlsement accepted for ten than two I.

As is usual toward the year-end when buyers and tellers alike are chiefly occupied with Inventories there Is increasing dullness in leather but the weather has been decidedly stimulating to retail demands in footwear. De prt1iient tore report record-breaking vol nine ot business of which a Urge per cent U for cask money belig tppientlyplnti ta O Wholesalers and manufacturer. trsd I very actir caused by activity of cotton- wills. per cent' of capacity of stfel plants Is occupied with government work.

the word all of the money paid in and In one Instance the gate money going to the winners. will be so regulated as to preserve such supplies as are needed for war requirements and the Importation of stock that is not absolutely essential is being discouraged. 284C848000 20 2 Previous weeks plot in total comparisons inesmpiets BRADSTREETS REPORT ON LOCAL CONDITIONS' Trade at' wholesale and' retail manufac turing and industry Is active Weather conditions are much Improved and' trade' at retail ha been heavy.

close on Febru- any 1 Entry blanks and general In formation may be secured from.

February 16 University of North Carolina in Danville. The buying was based mainly on persistently favorable spot accounts and on the small ginning returns Is sued by the-census bureau. Money Is active at strong rates but borrowing by non-essential enterprises Is frowned upon. 2463000 35160500 1975000 72 2 2012000 2110 000 30 4 2113000 2874000 75 2410000 17 S 1776 0 010 : 24010 0000 240 3 1 282000 3 31000 108 3 1717050 1 1 1412600 5 45 3 1338000 1136000 1241001 161500 25 128200000 JT3 15 0 0 4 13810000 16 100 9 H. Additional trade restrictions were implied by- reports'- that the administration intends to ask legislation for absolute control of such commodities as coal iron and oils. fuel short age- had seriously curtailed production of Thumbed iron and steel. These disturbing conditions were supplemented by an unfavorable crop outlook the' government reporting a low condition of winter' wheat. Increase in the local federal' reserve discount rates places that bank on the same level with Its associates.

a local restaurant' proprietor and he was released. stepfather and sister are wholly dependent upon him for a livelihood. That the requirements of the govern ment are- of great magnitude and keep many establishments running under pressure is everywhere.

rather more apparent than usual be cause or the conservatism and caution which the extraordinary situation arising from the war has engendered. exigencies of the period there have earns unprecedented and highly significant changes in trade and industry and the necessary readjustments are not be- tug established without some accompanying inconvenience" and hesitation in domestic and foreign business.

Today's Sport Calendar Tennis National-Junior Indoor championship tournament opens in New Boxing Jll Xe ODowd vs. urged to eliminate production of fancy fabrics and to supplant them with priced staples. At ifs highest levels this week the local- cotton market was about a cent a pound up on the strongest months. Closing prices showed net gains for the week of 57 to 81 points. York being overshadowed by relatively large gains at most centers outside of the metropolis. J 3223000 3 69000 5456000 4 745 000 4 3000 4 1000 4 051 000 2 654 000 1 762 000 2 44000 37 000 2 570000 423000 17 1 3172000 2150000 3181000 :1. Wall street continues to fear' drastic measures.

There is more haste to get out spring goods that are on order than' is usually seen at this period. on many lines but wholesaling reflects seasonal quietness an' S each weeks reports from the retail field emphasizes the lessened purchasing of non-essentials As illustrating the trend of the times silk manufacturers are being. merchants are anxious to get their hands on the goods. Collections are fair to' good the lat ten characteristic being most conspicuous thanks to payments from the south. Bank clearings are a little in excess of those of this time' last year and heavily above those of two years ago the decrease at New. Ohio Lowell Boise Quincy South Bend Bloomington Binghamton Lexington Mansfield Decatur Jackson. 23 22 97 222 480 208 342 54 5 :8.5 Ill S 0 48-2 38 S 12 S 000 3464 000 31100 SO 4018000 27. It has been definitely determined that the railroad situation is to be the subject of- a special message to congress after the holidays.

Several hundred head of cattle graze one Joe's ranch and those who know the Indian star as a ranchman say that he. Cincinnati established a precedent for entertainment at the international tournament in 190 that has ever since given added impetus to these annual gatherings of bowlers.

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