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Where and to whom I told it really doesn’t matter.that I did it.

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Red jacket firearms stephanie dating kris

Joe never technically fired us, but ever since he took over we haven't had a voice or able to make any positive impact.

In Joe’s defense, it would be difficult to operate successfully with the influence of my father in the shop for anyone in his position.”“Bottom line is I was expected to do it and I was pressured.

With the outstanding debts, back orders and other issues before and after my father being arrested, we haven’t been able to completely close RJF until those things are taken care of.

Unfortunately, I don’t have anything to do with making those decisions anymore and wouldn’t expect that our assets would be used to start something new like that?

Stephanie was very candid on how much she has grown in recent months with the unveiling of the struggles she had with her father, the past with Red Jacket and the growth of her new company with her husband.

She has also found herself in new role, encouraging victims of abuse learn to overcome their fear of speaking out.

We needed to surround ourselves with positive supporters and family, so Kris started working more with his own dad’s family business, Ford's Firearms ( in Baton Rouge, LA.

I just wanted to secure a future for myself and my family and do something we were already passionate about and loved.

I felt really depressed and still have a lot of anxiety over all of it.

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