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They are also undefeated, 6-time United States Professional Latin Champions! Slavik Kryklyvyy has the reputation for dating and losing his dance partners.They share some of their insights on their growth as dancers, the essential relationship within a partnership (Riccardo touches a lot on his role between the two) and, most importantly, the mentality into focusing on what’s essential during the process of competitive dancing.

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Originally from Russia, she began dancing at the early age of seven.

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They had chemistry, she's a good height for him, and she's also very talented.

Yet, Slavik's reputation for losing his partners remained when they broke up after only a year of dancing. Elena has said this and there were constant rumors of fighting between him and Karina.

We ourselves were very touched personally by this presentation, since Meryem also had a strong hand and influence in shaping both the editor, Keith Todd and the feature’s editor Didio Barrera’s careers.

Riccardo Cocchi and Yulia Zagoruychenko began dancing together in the fall of 2007, taking the ballroom world by storm and captivating audiences with their unique Latin style.Here is a little biography of their accomplishments together.They immediately gained international success, placing in the final of every single Professional International Latin tournament.Riccardo and Yulia offer several Latin workshops at Avant Garde Ballroom on a yearly basis.Check back often or inquire with Andre at 949.442.7600 for information on their next offering at the studio.Riccardo Cocchi and Yulia Zagoruychenko took the dance world by storm in 2007 when they officially announced their new partnership.

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