older dating in the us - Rob pattinson dating riley keough

While Rob and Riley dating is definitely "not true", a source close to Rob has said he's open to dating again.

The news of Robert’s visit to Kristen’s house got everyone all hot and bothered (mostly with that adrenaline-filled, sorta sweaty, OMG-it’s-happening-again excitement) because many were starting to think that he’d never make an effort to rekindle their epic romance When Riley entered the scene, die-hard Twihards thought it might be over for their famed couple, but now that Riley has been caught sporting an agenda that doesn’t appear to include Robert, perhaps Rpattz/Kstew loyalists have found a new sense of hope.

Has Robert Pattinson decided to call it off with Riley and slowly, slowly, slowly make his way back into Kristen’s heart?

Rob is the face of Dior Homme, while Riley has modelled for Dior Cherie.

Their paths would have crossed at Dior events in May and June.

A friend of the Twilight heart-throb rev­ealed: “Of course Rob loves hanging out with her, she’s beautiful and a lot of fun.“They’ve been spending time together chatting about music and he loves the fact that Riley is Elvis’s granddaughter – that’s true rock’n’roll royalty in his eyes.“They have a lot in common – they both love LA, London and rock music.” Insiders say it’s just a casual fling rather than a potential full-time relationship.

Either way, Kristen must be pretty hacked off as she’s known Riley for years.

"Riley isn't dating Rob," the rep for CLICK ON PHOTO TO SEE FULL GALLERY One person who will no doubt welcome reports that Rob and Riley are not a couple will be Kristen Stewart, Rob's former flame.

Kristen became friends with Riley when they co-starred in the 2010 film The Runaways.

Let us know what you think about Robert Pattinson & Riley Keough. If you don’t know what a Cronut™ is, you should treat yourself and Google it.

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