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Kandi talks to Mama Joyce about the issues between them, but Mama Joyce dodges the conversation.

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Demetria invites them both to her video launch party and tells them to bring whomever they'd like--except not Kenya Moore.

When Kenya finds out she's not invited to the party because Demetria doesn't like the fact that she didn't refute rumors that Kenya and Roger were dating, Kenya sets out to confirm the story that Demetria and Roger are an item.

When Kenya was on Wendy Williams recently she told Wendy that she was seeing a business man who went to Princeton.

Today, Patti says that is the man that she found for her and they are still dating.

She gets her answer and her invite and Demetria doesn't seem pleased to see Kenya at her party.

Apollo shows up to the party and says he wants to talk to Phaedra.Patti says that this season she has had more success stories than ever.I’m gonna bet Sheree is not still seeing anyone from the show. Speaking of seriously crazy, in the season finale, Patti tries to set up Dina Lohan with the help of mutual friend Jill Zarin.A) i can’t help but feel like he is seeing other women otherwise what would stop him from texting for multiple hours and b) how do i change his behaviour when talking to him about it hasn’t worked.Please helpreply august 16, 2017, am alice attention maya… Â all that this does is show him that he can treat you like an option while he makes other things a priority.and that being a challenge is somehow inherently attractive to guys…

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