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This reasoning also assumes that we simply reject any potential partner who doesn't match our ideals. A team of researchers at the University of Toronto is offering a radical new idea about why we make so many poor relationship choices: We're too nice.According to Samantha Joel and her colleagues, the human mind has strong and automatic prosocial tendencies -- we don't like inflicting social pain -- and this deep-rooted kindness keeps men and women from rejecting partners -- even incompatible partners.At least that's the theory, which the Toronto scientists have been exploring in the lab.

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Joel and her colleagues ran a second experiment to explore this question.

It was for the most part identical to the study just described, except that instead of receiving an unattractive photograph, the participants learned about undesirable habits or traits of the potential date.

This is definitely something to share before a dinner party, not during it.

Here's a simple and sad fact: A lot of people who are married, or in long-term relationships, are not very compatible. If choosing a partner is such an important life decision, why do so many of us get it wrong?

After the participants made their choices, they were given additional information about the person, including a photo that showed an unattractive man or woman.

All were asked if they wanted to exchange contact information with this person.

What's more, we are unaware of our generosity's power.

We think we will be picky about our romantic partners, but in reality, rejecting people is easier said than done.

I guess you might say we're dating."Try not to wait too long to make it clear; the kids won't appreciate having a sense that something is going on, but thinking that you're hiding it from them.

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