Romantic ideas for dating consolidating files pro tools

Find a great roof in your neighborhood — maybe it's your own, maybe it's on top of a nearby building, maybe it's at a rooftop bar — and take in the view together. Sign up for a music class together and learn a new instrument.

Going out to eat after seeing a movie can easily result in $50 or more spent in one night.

When you’re in the middle of saving for a down payment, saving for a baby, or paying off your student loans, you might not think you have the money for a date night.

Think about how awesome it will feel when you both run your first 5K — or marathon! the things that your favorite artisanal bars have, from the pomegranate molasses to the chocolate bitters?

Stock up and learn how to make drinks yourselves — and then every night can be a night at the cocktail bar.

Whether you've been dating for three weeks or three years, one of the hardest parts of any relationship can be picking out new adventurous and memorable date ideas.

You know you have fun with your bae – I mean, they could make even a grocery store trip interesting, because you just like being around them — but you don't always know the best places or activities to lay the groundwork for a perfect night.

But that's not true with these 20 romantic and cheap date ideas that focus on reconnecting with your partner so you can keep that spark alive.

At the end of the day, there's no reason to go all-out on a date night that you can't afford.

If you've exhausted your options of places to hang out in, nature will at least NEVER fail to be awe-inspiring.

Go on a hike and take selfies in front of the view.

Research suggests working together to learn a new skill can actually tighten your bond....

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