Rsvp dating site phone number

Spammed by user who was removed, but in replying to the spammer before they were banned, it used stamps which rsvp would not replace when I kindly asked them to they would not look into it and just wanted to make it too hard, they only allow 3 contacts for and one of these was the spammer! Went onto this site and paid good money for lots of stamps.

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I have been on this site forever but the stamps are too expensive!

Why don’t you lower the cost so that we can initiate more contact with potential partners? I just think it’s not competitive anymore with the likes of Blendr, et al. Especially as things can often go awry in the first few messages. I wouldn’t mind so much, except that my remaining stamps are frequently WASTED. For $10 per stamp, I’m better off buying a girl a drink in a bar!

But from my experience, I don't think it is, time to wake up.

Has anyone else had anything similair happen to them?

I have met people for everything from a single meeting (things just didn't work out) up to a longer term relationship (9 months) and many things in between. And while what people write in their profiles is not up to the site, the fact that the people are genuine shows the site is also genuine.

Of course you have to be prepared for a lot of knock backs, but again that is nothing to do with the site.

Contacted rsvp support team and all you get is a generic response from some dude called [name removed].

So pretty much a waste of time and defiantly money.

To summarise, this site is not bogus or a ripoff and is by far the best online dating site that I have found.

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