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They were found guilty of the crimes and are facing 15 years in jail each for violation of hate crime laws. Because most Amish descend from the families of the 200 founders from the 18th century, they have a much higher rate of genetic disorders due to inbreeding – such as “maple syrup urine disease.” They also have a high infant mortality rate, but this does not phase them.

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This list looks at ten aspects of the Amish people.

Bundling is the rather odd practice of a young courting couple being bound in two separate blankets and laid together on a bed for intimacy that does not involve sexual contact.

Sometimes the divisions can be over very trivial matters – for example the Troyer Amish split over a dispute about hat brims.

These differences in beliefs can often lead to bizarre forms of violence.

Rumspringa or “the Amish get out of jail free” card is the Amish term for adolescence.

During this time young adults are most likely to be rebellious against their community and consequently they are treated more leniently so as to not push the youths away.

It is also likely that their healthy lifestyle (which includes very little alcohol or tobacco) is a contributing factor.

Furthermore, the Amish have suicide rates that are far lower (one third) the rate of non-religious people and 50% lower than other religious people.

Funerals are held in the home of the dead and coffins are plain – hand made by the community.

Graves are dug by hand because the Amish believe that modern technology is a hindrance to family life – as a result they shun electricity and machinery.

The practice has died out in most of the world (it was practiced by some non-Amish too) but in the Pennsylvania Amish communities it is still to be found.

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