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Their discovery of the GMR effect, which the two scientists discovered independently of each other, led to a breakthrough in modern information technology: the storage capacity of hard drives was increased significantly, enabling the miniaturization of storage media.

Peter Grünberg had been honoured for this discovery with the German Federal President’s Future Prize in 1989 and the European Inventor Award in 2006.

Without him, modern computers and smartphones as we know them today would be inconceivable.

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Sources say the malware had been planted up to a year earlier and could be the work of a notorious Russian hacking group.

The German government confirmed on Wednesday that it had suffered a large cyberattack which infiltrated federal computer networks.

'Secure' network jeopardized The hackers reportedly infiltrated the government's "Informationsverbund Berlin-Bonn" (IVBB) network, a specially designed communications platform which is separate from other public networks to ensure a supposed added layer of security.

It's used exclusively by the chancellery, the German parliament, federal ministries, the Federal Audit Office and several security institutions in Berlin and Bonn; the former German capital where some ministries still have offices.

"The news of Peter Grünberg’s passing has filled all of us at Forschungszentrum Jülich with great sadness. We have lost an outstanding scientist who set standards worldwide in the field of solid state research.

It is no exaggeration to say that Peter Grünberg and his discovery of the giant magnetoresistance effect have dramatically changed all our lives.

Citing anonymous sources, German news agency dpa had earlier reported that the Russian hacking group APT28 had placed malware in a government network and infiltrated both the Foreign Ministry and the Defense Ministry.

The sources said the malware could have remained in the government's networks for as long as a year before the government discovered the breach in December.

He used the resources associated with this professorship to further pursue research in the field of spintronics with his Jülich working group.

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