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Video Review: Nv PGQbc KEI Read our article for our updated recommendations for 2018: https:// RESOURCES MENTIONED • Our SD Card Recommendations: Ns Vc • Guide to parking mode cameras and hardwiring: https:// • Top 3 Premium Cameras: Q - - - - OUR PICKS & FULL REVIEWS We earn a commision from some of the retailers we link below.Since Jan 2017 we have purchased all dash cameras we review. We only recommend products after many hours of research, hands-on testing and analysis.

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It can help you to take pictures of scenery, record the beauty on the way, and automatically record the scene of accidents.

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It supports automatic calibration and the camera can be set to automatically switch on when the engine is turned on.

Features a 165°ultra wide - angle to reduce blind spots and obtain full 3 lane coverage.

Simeonov, Madan Thangavelu, Steven M Rosen, Alex Hankey.

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Review: Nv PGQbc KEI A118C2 - If you are looking for the A118C for a cheap LCD-camera, get the updated A118C2 which has better video quality for the same price.

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