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) You’ve seen her on Comcast Sports Net Chicago for three years.

And for the last few months, you’ve seen her on NBC 5 Chicago on Friday and Sunday nights.

To know how Doris Burke felt that morning, you have to understand her roles.

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Telecasters can overstate the moment, but Burke has a genuine energy.

As the NBA fuses with pop culture, so has her celebrity: Drake wore her face on a shirt during a Raptors game to show he "appreciated" her, NBA Twitter recirculated a clip of Burke dribbling in a pencil skirt, and her relentless work ethic — hopping from the NBA to calling WNBA and college games in the same season — has made her one of the most respected guides of the game.

A star athlete at De Paul University, where she graduated with a communication/media studies degree in 2004, Kustok, 30, worked as a sideline reporter for ESPN’s college and high school remote football broadcasts before joining Comcast Sports Net in 2009.

Tragedy struck Kustok’s family in September 2010 when her mother, Anita “Jeanie” Kustok, was shot to death in her southwest suburban Orland Park home.

" Burke asked, listing off the résumés and many talents of Game 2 analysts Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy to make her point. But their position is largely off to the side, just out of bounds: More than half of the league’s sideline reporters, 27 of 48, are female. And some use it to show their on-air capabilities, while others refuse.

"I always felt like the more versatile I was as an announcer," Burke said, "the more attractive I was to employers." Sideline reporting is, without question, an on-ramp. "You have people in the business, women who will say, ‘I’m not doing sideline because I don’t want to get pigeonholed over there.’" When the Indiana Pacers offered Ann Meyers Drysdale the chance to become the league’s first female TV analyst in 1979, her broadcasting portfolio started and ended with a few undergraduate classes."That was probably my first real job," recalls Meyers Drysdale, "and I was not good whatsoever." The Pacers didn’t hire her for her on-air savvy: They liked her handle.The 5-foot-9 guard was already known as one of the most prolific basketball talents to ever come out of UCLA, and stories of her pickup games against Wilt Chamberlain and Julius Erving had traveled across the country.But on this night, with her tending to the sideline, that responsibility would fall to the men on the call.On an NBA telecast, there are only a couple of on-air roles to fill.Well, no more- as sportscaster Sarah Kustok is leaving the Chicago market.

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