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I pulled on some baggy ripped corduroys as a cry for help, and put my hair up in what I hoped was an “artist’s bun.” We walked into the club and I immediately saw a ghost from my past: Steve, a guy I’d lusted after a few years before.I once texted him “Admit we’d have really good sex,” to which he’d texted back “Hmm.” We’d eventually slept together through the sheer force of my will, but he’d broken my heart as expected, and I still wasn’t actually, completely over him. He was right; in the rainy walk from the subway my hair had come out of its bun and was looking extremely “full-bodied.” I smiled feebly, and wandered away.

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"But it grew into something great, and we all recovered from it," he assured.

As for him being a "disaster of a boyfriend" back in the day Russell didn't exactly disagree.

On Tuesday, Scott Speedman (Ben) joined Keri Russell (Felicity) at her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony and then, just hours later, the former co-stars appeared side-by-side again on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." But before fans of the show get excited about the possibility of another reunion — as in a series revival — they should be warned: That really is too much to hope for.

When Kimmel asked the pair if a "'Gilmore Girls-y' kind of thing" might happen, Speedman said, "I really don't think so." The duo might not be headed back to the small screen together, but Russell and Speedman shared some memories from the old days during their chat — including that unforgettable haircut of hers that left fans reeling in the show's second season.

We made eye contact, and I tentatively went up to say hi. I was going to become a boring lawyer loser with frizzy hair and have a depressing boring life forever. Streetlights blurred, and the rain on my face mixed with tears. I was getting soaked, and crying, but I was also reveling in my indulgent misery. It was beginning to seem like these were written for me.

I felt like the star of a movie right before things really start looking up. “You’ve got to just go do what you do — you can’t really worry about who was attached to the movie before.” God he was smart. I'd rather be doing nothing than be doing s--tty work, you know? [Laughs.] But that led to more interesting roles, and it just kind of snowballed. SS: seemed like an original, interesting concept, so I wanted to give it a shot. Stuff like that doesn't happen that often, so I do remember that. I'm not the kind of guy whose joy in life comes from being on set.“Every time somebody asks me about it, they ask me if I’m the host,” he jokes. That’s where we headed ­after I met him—charcoal-and-kale smoothie in hand—at his Silver Lake home, an airy midcentury Robert Byrd creation. ” he says of the area, which was badly burned in the 2009 Station Fire and subject to ongoing drought until last winter. ’ ” Speedman, whose insanely ­athletic Scottish parents found love at a track meet before moving their young ­family to ­Toronto, spent the first 16 years of his life training up to five hours a day to be a 1,500-­meter freestyle swimmer.“Here's that tricky spot,” Scott Speedman shouts back at me as we trot down an abrupt section of granite trail carved into the San Gabriel Mountains above Los Angeles. He finished ninth at the 1992 Canadian Olympic Trials before flaming out and starting to date a dancer. He now finds that he still needs those long, hypnotic workouts.

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