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The decision to adopt ALM/QC is often made between just HP salespeople and C-level executives (CEOs and CIOs) who pitch how management can get better visibility and control into the QA department.

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So custom default values and pull-down selections can be part of the system. To make use of a field, the administrator simply changes the title associated with a USER field.

For example, the types of tests to be performed can be specified by a custom pull-down such as this: [TODO: Picture] One clever and user-friendly aspect of the database design is that administrators can define new custom fields without needing a DBA to change the schema of the database. For example, SQL to access custom fields about defects (bugs) reference fields named BG_USER_01, etc.

The logic behind ALM/QC is driven by dynamically interpreted VB (Visual Basic) code which can be modified (using OTA coding).

This enabled HP to create an Agile version of ALM/QC.

QC provides filtering and drag and drop GUI to do this quickly.

To avoid execution notes in Test Lab instances becoming stale, they are not automatically changed when subsequent changes occur in the Test Plan.

This matches text such as "Subject" at the top of the Test Plan component hierarchy tree.

This also matches the "Test Set" at the top of the Test Lab component hierarchy tree.

Requirements can be "converted" to Tests run in the Test Lab for one-to-one test coverage linkages.

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