Set up your own dating site Random couple chat

8) You will need to offer customer support 24/7 to your members.9) You will not have any members initially so why would your visitors pay to join your site when there is no one on it to contact?"You will" be responsible for absolutely everything.

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Similar to our managed adult chat telephone services, Digital Select's adult SMS services allow you to operate a text chat service with your own operators, or as a fully managed product using operators supplied by a third party bureau.

All of the operators are fully trained and with staff providing 24/7 cover, 365 days a year so you can be confident that your managed adult SMS chat service is operating around the clock whilst being fully compliant with all legal requirements and Phonepay Plus regulations.

Digital Select outsources the management of the chat operators to a third party bureau provider.

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6) You will have to handle fraud chargebacks and abuse.

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