Sex bot chat with avatar

Negobot uses an AIML structure based on the Galaia Project to find appropriate responses to questions.

I put my own face as an avatar on my current client's chat without thinking twice.

Less than 24 hours later, my first interaction on the chat was harassment. One that had a referrer as a thread on Hacker News kept insisting I couldn't be a real person, and wanting me to do basic math like 2 3 "before he would talk to me." It was gross.

If the other person tries to end the conversation once it becomes clear that Negobot, or rather the child it’s posing as, is underage, then the probability of pedophile behavior decreases.

If the person continues to ask questions of a sexual nature, the probability increases and Negobot poses questions to discover more personal information.

Last week there was news of a chatbot developed to ferret out suspected sexual predators of underaged victims.

The chatbot, called Negobot, was developed by Carlos Laorden and other academics from the University of Deusto in Bilboa, Spain.

Laorden and his colleagues haven’t deployed Negobot into the real world yet, but they’re continuing to refine the chatbot.

It may not be long before would-be sexual predators are being ensnared by virtual agent technologies.

I am female, and have run my own B2B Saa S as well as currently managing chat (as part of marketing) for another B2B Saa S.

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