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The donkey balls I have saved and they are such a conversation piece as they sit in my living room.My girl friends giggle and always ask to see them, where my male friends seem a bit afraid.Previously i supported that any male who has ever made any attempt to rape a Woman must be castrated.

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I have seen both the horse and donkey after the procedure, and they are so timid and gentle.

In my opinion I believe all men should be castrated at sometime in their life.

when that happens womyn will be stronger than men physically and in every other thing.gautam Im one of those guys that some of you wierd women say they would castrate. Why pay for a gym when sex far better and free at almost any time.

a woman to me is little more than a pleasurable excercise bike Nikk Sheffield Interesting ..

Between the gov"t and their mothers, wives, sisters this should become a law. I am one female who has had the opportunity to be part of a castration procedure, and I believe more women would agree if they were given the chance to assist in one.

Castration is so easy to perform and to control the males sex drive and the heartships males can cause women.

Knowing that these male animals, now had no sex drive and I had taken that away from them. They were egg shapped, white in color, and soft in touch.

We later sliced one open and seen the veins that run thru them.

But I think that with male re education to respect the superior sex most rapes would never happen.

Could we males not have our genitalia controled in chastity devices to protect Womyn.

But like you say, i've heard that removing testicles does make a male far more placid and i would like to think 'obedient'. Julia Don't you just hate it when a few very sick males take the roll of playing Females all the while there sitting in front of their computer, butt naked, jacking off to there on little pea brain beat!!! Linda Linda, castration on animals can be viewed in person very easily. office, castrations on dogs and cats are a everyday procedure. also perform castrations on horses and large animals on farms. To everyone else who thinks we are not females, but males drop your pants and I will show you what a female will do to your silly balls.

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