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However, actors in the second order zone are not directly connected to the central member of the network.

A second order member has a loose or indirect connection to the network, and may only be connected to a certain network member.

Third order members may be connected to actors in the second order zone, but not the first.

The concept of social networks is applicable at both the macro and micro levels.

Social networks are at work in communities as large as nation-states or as small as an online dating service.

The higher the resulting number, the more dense a network is.

Dense networks are most likely to be found in small, stable communities with few external contacts and a high degree of social cohesion.

Social network theory (as used by sociolinguists) posits that social networks, and the interactions between members within the networks, are a driving force behind language change.

The key participant in a social network is the anchor, or center individual.Social networks are used in sociolinguistics to explain linguistic variation in terms of community norms, rather than broad categories like gender or race.Instead of focusing on the social characteristics of speakers, social network analysis concentrates on the relationships between speakers, then considers linguistic change in the light of those relationships.However, C is both B's coworker and neighbor, so the relationship between B and C is multiplex, since they interact with each other in a variety of social roles.Visualization of snowball sampling technique showing two sampling zones.They can also be applied to intimate social groups such as a friendship, family unit, or neighborhood.

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