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-- Lawmakers will tell you that the laws currently on the books are aimed at protecting children from adult predators.But professionals tasked with wading through the web of laws will tell you it can be difficult to determine when a child is actually a child and when they're able to give consent to sex, even if the relationship is the kind that parents and other adults wouldn't approve of at the outset.Partnering with the Arkansas Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Arkansas Coalition Against Sexual Assault, Arkansas Department of Education and Break the Cycle, the Attorney General's office offers training opportunities for educators, school resource officers and others on dating abuse prevention and intervention methods.

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We know of numerous cases where adults are charged with sexually assaulting teens, even 16- and 17-year-olds, but it's reportable when they reach that age if the alleged offender is a caregiver (under the Child Maltreatment protocol), in a position of trust or authority (the Criminal Statutes), or uses force or coercion (which is always against the law, regardless of age range of the victim). Karen Farst is a pediatrician on the At-Risk Children's team at Arkansas Children's Hospital.

The law assumes, then, that these teens who are barred because of immaturity from voting, enlisting in the military, or buying cigarettes and alcohol are mature enough to decide to have sex with even a much older adult."My understanding is that 16 is pretty uniform across the country for age of consent," Tucker said. Despite her years of experience talking with teens about their adult-like relationships, deciphering whether those teens are in danger can be challenging. Farst, deciding when something has to be reported isn't a simple task, and it can take years of experience learning what the abuse hotline considers for investigation, what it screens out, and why.

"As a general matter -- I would imagine most people would be surprised that 16 is the age of consent, but at the same time, to change that would likely require changes in a large portion of the criminal code and possibly even on the federal level."Mandated Reporters: Who are They? Regarding who is required to report, Farst said, the state of Arkansas has a fairly explicit and lengthy list. "It can get very confusing regarding which relationships are okay..which should be reported," Farst said.

"The adolescent doesn't always perceive themselves as a victim in those situations, even though they are.

The Attorney General's office has supplied cards to all 75 county sheriffs’ offices and hundreds of law enforcement agencies across the State.

Lauras gov includes crisis hotline numbers, contact information for Arkansas shelters, related Arkansas laws and numerous resources for victims of domestic violence and other violent crimes.But I told him to report what he had heard."What the Laws Spell Out: A Web of Requirements The basic law is that even though 16- and 17-year-olds are considered children (under 18), at 16 years old an Arkansas teen can consent to have sex.A 15-year-old can also consent to have sex with someone who is no more than 3 years older or younger than him or her."It created a hole in the law that likely wasn't intended, because these laws were passed at different times."Prosecutors are apparently not the only ones who deal with the struggle of determining what the law allows, especially when you review the Suskie investigation file, which required law enforcement, principals and mental health providers to try and determine if the relationship was actually illegal.Ultimately, because of her position as a substitute, she was charged with sexual assault.And sometimes, they can even be opposed to the idea of reporting, because they assume we're trying to get someone in trouble, when really our concern is protecting them."In cases involving 16- and 17-year-olds, Dr.

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