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The store chain recently started accepting manufacturer and printed coupons in an attempt to draw in more customers.

The chain directly competes with the likes of Walmart and other major retailers.

Syracuse recently adopted a policy that allows anyone who requests to do so to open the council meeting with an invocation or thought.

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Dollar Tree is a retail store chain offering all merchandise for $1 or less.

Items available in stores include name brands and generic brands.

Hatch was only halfway through his text when his 90 seconds were up.

Council members sat in silence as Hatch read his letter. "If God didn't listen when they prayed in church, why would he listen here?

He noted many residents signed a petition asking that prayer be restored, but none has volunteered to be part of the ceremony.

While city officials haven't enlisted people to pray, it appears a statewide organization is actively recruiting atheists to be part of the city ceremony through a Web site, Council Recorder Nancy Dean (801-525-2714) officially denied Utah Atheists to participate in the "Invocation" for the meeting since Stephen Clark, Chris Allan, and Julian Hatch are NOT residents of Clearfield City on Tuesday January 18, 2005.Later this month, the same group will open a Clearfield council meeting.Layton officials anticipate they will soon hear from the same group.Julian Hatch, of the Board of Utah Atheists, opened the Syracuse council meeting by reading from a two-page text.In the 90 seconds he was afforded by city policy, Hatch said how one-fifth of Utahns are non-religious and live under the tyranny of religion.Clearfield City Recorder Nancy Dean said a person approached her about being part of the city's next council meeting.

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