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Within four months, the line had been contacted by cellphones from every area code in America.The organization is expected to surpass 7 million messages by July, and Lublin is now in need of more counselors. local time every day, and can be reached by texting the same number — 741741.

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They are diverse group of people with different backgrounds and experiences, dedicated to offering support.

RAINN carefully vets, trains, and monitors the performance of all staff members.

Many were skeptical about the program, since the organization behind it was not identified in the image.

Nonetheless, 741741 is indeed the number for the Crisis Text Hotline in the United States and Ontario’s Online and Text Crisis and Distress Service in Canada. A live, trained crisis counselor receives the text and responds quickly. The Crisis Text Hotline also notes in their FAQ that all text messages are anonymous and free, although charges may apply with carriers other than AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, or Verizon.

RAINN has taken extensive measures to ensure that your Online Hotline interaction is safe and confidential.

You’ll never be asked for personally identifying details, like your name, age, or location.

Lublin’s staff had received a few messages — concerns about bullying and the like — unrelated to their campaigns, but “that one message stopped me in my tracks,” Lublin said. The first rule of marketing and sales is: Go where demand is. We should be supplying crisis counseling by text.” That week, Lublin started building Crisis Text Line, a national 24/7 text number — 741741 — available to everyone but mostly used by teens.

It went live two years later in 2013 in Chicago and El Paso, Texas.

In addition, each chat is overseen by a highly trained Online Hotline Supervisor to ensure all visitors have a positive and helpful hotline experience.

When you are done chatting with the support specialist, you have the opportunity to leave feedback for RAINN about your experience with the Online Hotline. User feedback helps us to continuously improve the Online Hotline and offer a service that best fits our users’ needs.

Look in their eyes and say “Can you help me get out of my head?

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